It felt like I was in this ownderful family's home just the other day photographing their new baby boy. Turns out it was 3 months ago and the newborn isn't so new, is wide awake and nearly ready for solids! I mean, stop the train ~ I need to jump on! To think to yourself "Oh, I'll wait until next summer to do family photos" or "nothing much will have changed between now and August" or "I'll get family pictures done when I've lost a few pounds" ~ it's just foolish because so much changes in a week, a month and most definitely in a year. How many teeth can a kid lose and grow in a year? How much does a child grow mentally and physically in 6 months? 
The longer you wait, the longer you put it off, the more things will change. The more things will look different and the more chapters of your life will have closed for you to start the next one. I'm a storyteller ~ I tell your family's story and give you the visuals for the different chapters of your life's story. The pictures will always remind you of a time that you held so dear, a time that you couldn't make stop but that you can always go back to when you look at the pictures and that's why I call them little time capsules :) They take you back to a time that's gone but that will never be forgotten and even though the faces will have changed, life will have changed ~ the way that you feel when you look at those pictures will remain the same. 
That is the power of a photograph :)
mother cuddling with daughter and newborn
mother breastfeeding baby
baby sleeping on mother's shoulder
mother laughing at husband while daughter looks at the camera
parents looking lovingly at their children
big sister waving hello to baby brother
father mirroring baby's yawn
big sister's fet next to baby brother's feet
family hands stcaked on top of one another
parents gazing lovingly at eachother while daughter plays in baby cot
big sister giving baby brother a cuddle
mother snuggling with newborn baby
daughter peeping over mother's shoulder
mother lovingly leaning head into husband
mother giving baby a kiss

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