Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.

It is hard but let me tell you, when you fall you fall hard and deep because when you love yourself, you know acceptance. You know your north. You know you are home. We need to be our own reason to smile. We need to love ourselves the same way we love those closest to us, unconditionally. Because there is absolutely no other person on this planet, in the universe more deserving of your love than

It is self love
These sessions are about letting go and embracing all at the same time. Letting go of whatever hang ups or misconceptions you might have about yourself and your body and embracing all of you. We are too hard on ourselves where our appearance is concerned. Almost unforgiving. 
It's time to shift the narrative in your head. Open your eyes to how bloody beautiful you are. Realise that your body is your home and that it is so very deserving of your love. Life is too short to be anything but truly, madly, deeply in love with who you are.
Group of ladies on rock on the beach
Beautiful woman in wheat field
Blonde lady in the waves on the beach
beautiful brunette wrapped in sheet
beautiful woman standing in orange foliage
lady twirling in the sunlight
portrait of lady with eyes closed soaking up the sunlight
reflection of woman in heather field at sunset
woman on hill in a heather field at sunset

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