This is the story of the purple socks. This little girl, at the time of me visiting, was going through a phase of wearing socks on her hands. When I arrived she came down from her nap with her socks on her hands ~ quiet and reserved and not sure about me being there. By the end of the session I had "been invited into her circle of trust" and she was showing me all of her beautiful toddler energy!

This was my third time photographing this little girl but it was the first time that I saw her authentic little self. Why is that you might ask? Well, the other two times were at outdoor locations, places that she had never been before and she was being made to smile and run around and do all of these things that she didn't really want to do. But during this session she was at home, she had time to cuddle mommy and warm up to the idea of me being there. She was able to show me her favourite toys and read her favourite books and go pee on the potty without feeling shy or embarrassed (because yes, these little ones of ours feel embarrassed about things like that too). 
little girl on daddy's lap with purple socks on her hands
mother consoling child while father makes coffee in the background
mom and daughter singing to doll
dad tracing around daughter's foot on easel
family singing a happy song together
little girl pulling a funny face
little girl standing on mom's knee in the kitchen looking on couner top
girl looking at food on counter top
girl peeling a banana
dad pulling funny face at daughter with banana in his mouth
girl putting purple  socks on her hands
little girl lying on the floor trying to pull purple sock off her foot
mom and dad working together to get socks on daughter's feet
family leaving the house to take the dog for a walk

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