A love that you never felt for anyone ever before. It is different. It is a love that no one can ever prepare you for. It runs so deep in our veins. It is selfless. It is unconditional. It is forgiving. It is the love that a parent has for their child. 
It is pure love.
Pure sessions are all about maternity, newborn and families. These sessions focus on connection, love and the bonds that bind you. The love that guides you. The love that lit up your life like a supernova.

These sessions are relaxed and fun. I follow your pace and try not to direct you too much. I'll offer a little direction if you are feeling a bit awkward but for the most part I am just there to document the pure love and connections. 
family laughing on the beach
mother with children in the sea
family sitting together under big tree
mother embracing daughters

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