When you're being photographed in your own home your children will feel more at ease, they won't feel pressured to smile and perform. More often than not they show their true, authentic little selves which is always way more animated, genuine and special than awkward, forced, cheesy grins (that everyone hates doing anyway). For me personally, there really is nothing better than photographing the true essence and connection of a family . The unique you-ness that really only comes alive when you are feeling safe, comfortable and at ease and this safety, comfort and easiness is almost always felt at home :) 

Trust me with this one and if you need more convincing, listen to what Amy had to say about her at home session :)
family playing in room with building blocks
dad giving son a kiss on the cheek
dad putting watch on little boy's arm
mom giving son a kiss on the cheek
mom breastfeeding toddler
little boy playing with wooden toy train
dad balancing a red building block on his head
environmental portrait of boy in bedroom
boy leaning on cot with colourful ball
son lying on mom's lap looking at something on the floor

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